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 Hall Of Fame Donor List

Donor Name Contact Contribution Date
Greg Brewer Retired AHSAA Director of Officials  12/26/18

Robert Lose

AHSAA SW Football District Director 02/05/19 
 George Evans

Retired AHSAA Basketball Official

 Jeff Hilyer  AHSAA Football Rules Interpretor 04/05/19 
 Johnny Robertson  AHSAA Basketball Rules Interpretor 04/22/19 
 Joe Manjone  AHSAA Soccer Rules Interpreter 04/24/19 
 Michael Brymer Official - Birmingham FBOA (1 Monthly Bank Auto Drafts) 05/01/19 
 Billie Campbell  Official - Northeast FBOA (2 Monthly Bank Auto Drafts) 05/10/19 
 Richard Robinson  AHSAA NW Soccer Disrict Director 05/13/19 
 A. J. Hicks  Official - North Alabama SOA 05/13/19 
Ronnie Baynes Retired Football Official (Multi Levels) 05/20/19
Alabama High School Athletic Assn. Mr. Steve Savarese 05/20/19
Alabama High School Athletic Directors and Coaches Assn. Mr. Jamie Lee 05/20/19
 Encore Rehab, Inc.  Paul Henderson 06/03/19 
 Get It Right Enterprises  Bob Arnone 06/12/19 
 West Alabama Softball HOF  Parks Burgin 06/26/19 
 Marlowe Enterprises, LLC  Steve Marlowe 06/26/19 
 TRI FOXCO USA  Ron Foxcroft 06/26/19 
 NAFECO  Brandon Oaks 06/26/19 





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