A special thank you to the following donors


Training and Development Donor List

Donor Name Contact Contribution Date
Greg Brewer Retired AHSAA Director of Officials  12/26/18

Robert Lose

AHSAA SW Football District Director 02/05/19 
 Craig Kelley  AHSAA Baseball Umpire 04/24/19 
 AHSAA 1st District Board  Jerome Woods 05/20/19 
 AHSAA 7th District Board  Johnny Hardin 05/20/19 
 AHSAA 8th District Board  Keith Bender 05/28/19 
 AHSAA 5th District Board  Hal Riddle 05/28/19 
 AHSAA 6th District Board  Mike Welsh 06/05/19 
 AHSAA 3rd District Board  Luke Hallmark 06/12/19 
 AHSAA 4th District Board  Farrell Seymour 06/26/19 
AHSAA 2nd District Board Trent Trawick 07/16/19
 Billie Campbell  Football Official 09/12/19 
 Billie Campbell  Basketball Official - (5 Autodrafts) 11/13/19 
 Jeff Hilyer  ASOF Board Meeting Lunch Donation 12/05/19 





Special Sponsors
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