Tax deductible contributions can be made directly to the foundation by mailing a check to:

Alabama Sports Officials Foundation 

P. O. Box 30

Opelika, AL 36803

Remember, all funds raised by the foundation will be used to fund scholarships for the children of Alabama officials.  Our Board members are donating their time for this worthwhile project because they believe as I do that officials take care of each other!  Currently, the Board members are absorbing almost all of the administrative costs of the foundation as we grow.  We welcome contributions from any person or business.  We will supply you a notice of donation for your income tax purposes upon request!


Also, you may contribute to the foundation by setting up an Online Bill Payment or Auto-Pay feature with your bank.  This is done by having your bank send the foundation a check from your bank account every month for the amount you set up automatically.  The check would need to be made out to the "Alabama Sports Officials Foundation".  It needs to be sent to:

Alabama Sports Officials Foundation

c/o Mr. Greg Brewer

5313 Frankford Drive SE

Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763

Make sure the check has your name on it so we will know who to give the credit for the contribution!

I will then deposit the check into the ASOF Foundation account and notify our treasurer of the deposit. We will supply you an annual notice of donation for your income tax purposes upon request!


For your information - The Alabama Sports Officials Foundation was legally formed on December 15, 2015.

The Foundation received Tax Exempt Status on March 17, 2016.