The purpose of the Alabama Sports Officials Foundation is to recognize and reward children of our sports officials from all over the state in each sport with educational scholarships to an in state institution.

This organization was founded by 5 current and / or retired Alabama sports officials.  These Board Members are: David Bell, Greg Brewer, Burkles Davis, Jeff Hilyer & Robert Lose.  Two new Board Members have been selected:  Craig Kelley and Wanda Weeks.  The foundation has received a Non-Profit status from the IRS so all donations to the foundation are tax deductible.


You may send any questions or comments to Greg Brewer (Chairman) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A special thank you to the following donors

 2016 Donor List                               

Donor Name Contact
Alabama High School Athletic Association Executive Director – Steve Savarese

Alabama High School Athletic Directors & Coaches Ass

Director – Alvin Briggs
Carey Cogburn Official - Metro Tuscaloosa FBOA
Don Korn Wrestling State Tournament Staff Member
AHSAA Football District Directors  
Gary Evans Official – Quad Cities BBOA
Greg Brewer Retired AHSAA Director of Officials
Jeff Hilyer AHSAA FB Rules Interpreter
Jeff Triplette Arbiter Chief Executive Officer
Ken Clawson High School Coach - Florida
Ken Jones AHSAA Baseball NE District Director
Mark Russell Official – North Alabama FBOA
North Alabama Football Officials Association Bubba Hogue - Treasurer
Representative Harry Shiver AHSAA Southwest Softball District Director
S & S Sprinkler Jeff McCurley – Business manager & Official
Smitty Official's Apparel Joe Derosa - Owner and NCAA BK Official
AHSAA Southwest Football District Metro-Mobile & SW Alabama FB Officials Associations
Big East Football Officials Association Charles Smith - President
East Alabama Football Officials Association Steven Hays - Treasurer
Bob West Official - Birmingham FBOA


 2017 Donor List                                        

Skip Powe Official - Central Alabama FBOA
Jonathan Holladay Official - Wal-Win VBOA
Edgar Weldon A friend to all AHSAA officials!
One Stop Sports, LLC Joe Pike & Scott Richards - Owners and BK Officials
Ron Henry Official - Quad-Cities BBOA
Mark Wallace Official - Quad-Cities BBOA
Alan Bragwell Official - Quad-Cities BBOA
Harlon Hutcheson Official - Quad-Cities BBOA
Sonny Glasgow Official - Quad-Cities BBOA
Eric Hill Official - Quad-Cities BBOA
Wayne Cobb Official - Quad-Cities BBOA
Tim Creasy Official - Quad-Cities BBOA
Larry Grissom Official - Quad-Cities BBOA
Joe Bailey Official - North Metro BBOA
Alton Smith Official - North Metro BBOA
Orville Collins Official - North Metro BBOA
Dennis Dawson Official - North Metro BBOA
Jarvis Moore Official - North Metro BBOA
Frank King Official - North Metro BBOA
Mark Myers Official - North Metro BBOA
Thomas Owens Official - North Metro BBOA
Brandon Dean Official - North Metro BBOA
Dave Stephenson Official - Shoals Area SOA
Riley Kreider Official - Shoals Area SOA
Cedric Thomas Official - North Alabama SOA
Mike Moran Official - North Alabama SOA
Mike Smid Official - North Alabama SOA
Ed Tate Official - North Alabama SOA
Todd Owen Official - North Alabama SOA
Mike Vesoulis Official - North Alabama SOA
Alan Hicks Official - North Alabama SOA
Pat Miller Official - North Alabama SOA
Temo Navarrete Official - North Alabama SOA
Ron Slatton Official - North Metro BBOA
North Metro Basketball Officials Association Rip Nabors - Treasurer
Tim Barron Official - North Alabama SOA
Glenn Conner Official - North Alabama SBUA
Dalton Thomas Official - North Alabama SBUA
Andy Latham Official - North Alabama SBUA
Dewane Shumate Official - North Alabama SBUA
Tom Fox Official - North Alabama SBUA
Dale Perry Official - North Alabama SBUA
Will Rasely Official - North Metro BBOA
Quad-Cities Basketball Officials Association Barrett Long - Treasurer
Jason Jones Official - North Alabama BBOA
Ron White Official - North Alabama BBOA
Marvin Wesley Official - North Alabama BBOA
Bill Bigby Official - North Alabama BBOA
Tim Roberts Official - North Alabama BBOA
Craig Knight Official - North Alabama BBOA
Kevin Jackson Official - North Alabama BBOA
Wesley Mixon Official - North Alabama BBOA
Raynard Jones Official - North Alabama BBOA
Jeff Toney Official - North Alabama BBOA
Beverly Jolly Official - North Alabama BBOA
 Ron Harris Official - Quad-Cities BBOA
Ricky Bryan Official - Colbert County BBUA  (NW BB Dist Camp Instructor)
Wayne Cobb Official - Colbert County BBUA  (NW BB Dist Camp Instructor)
Lee Walker Official - Colbert County BBUA  (NW BB Dist Camp Instructor)
Tim Bowers Official - Decatur BBUA  (NW BB Dist Camp Instructor)
Loyd Potter Official - Decatur BBUA  (NW BB Dist Camp Instructor)
Jason Holt Official - Limestone County BBUA  (NW BB Dist Camp Instructor)
Billy Owens Official - Limestone County BBUA  (NW BB Dist Camp Instructor)
Keith Turberville Official - Limestone County BBUA  (NW BB Dist Camp Instructor)
Floyd White Official - Limestone County BBUA  (NW BB Dist Camp Instructor)
Craig Cleveland AHSAA Baseball NW District Director
Leon Bradley Official - North Alabama BBOA
Greg Picogna A friend to all AHSAA officials!
Tennessee Valley Basketball Officials Association Earl Lybrand - Treasurer
Thomas Watkins Official - Retired North Central FBOA
Butch Jones Official - North Alabama BBOA
Robert Grondin Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Trent Iley Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Gregg Frost Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Dan Glossner Official - Decatur BBUA
Sidney James Official - Central Alabama BBOA
North Alabama Track Officials Association  Bryan Lorge - Treasurer
Bryan Lorge Official - North Alabama TOA
Gadsden Basketball Officials Association Robin Roberts - Treasurer
Bob West Official - Birmingham FBOA
Birmingham Football Officials Association Bob West - Treasurer
Encore Rehabilatation Paul Henderson & Paige Plash - Owners
Metro-Mobile BBUA Jamie Walter - Treasurer
Gregory Townes Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Jason Lively Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Mark Wehrwein Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Roberto Alvarez Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
George Cavender Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Tom Day Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Philip Ellis Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Robert Scheppler Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Chuck Tonini Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Duane Baugher Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Adam Clark Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Blane Fix Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
John Gaines Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Terry Harbin Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Oralondo Hicks Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Ken Kirby Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Ammon McKinney Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Derek Simmer Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Jim Smith Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Mark Unger Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Bill Ward Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Ed Bryan Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Dustin Gurley Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Jamal Cummins Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Alan Caldwell Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
Charlie Readus Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
John Robertson AHSAA Basketball SC District Director
Mobile County Basketball Officials Association Kevin Assmann - President
Charles Mewborn Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
31 North Football Officials Association Bobby Noles - Treasurer
Ernest Shears Official - Selma BBOA
 Thomas Watkins Official - Retired North Central FBOA
 Butch Jones  In Memory of his mother (Martha G. Jones)
 Lane Lawley AHSAA Volleyball SW District Director
John Solomon Official - Selma BBOA
Troy Recreation Umpires Kevin Bryan - President
Craig Knight  In Memory of his father (Charles Knight)
 Robert Grondin (Boeing Corporation)  Official -  Greater Huntsville BBUA
 Gina Grondin  (Boeing Corporation)  Wife of Official - Greater Huntsville BBUA
 Farris Satterfield  AHSAA Football NW District Director (Retired)
 Wright Waters Football Bowl Association (2017 AHSAA Luncheon Guest Speaker)
Tennessee Valley Football Officials Assocation Todd Burbank - President